March Melancholy

I can’t believe that it has been almost two weeks now without sports. There are no students playing badminton in physical education class, there are no teams getting ready for their practices, no one is on the gymnasium or the fitness center and even the television is letting me down with no March Madness Basketball or Frozen Four Hockey to watch! The most recent announcement cancelling the Summer Olympic Games is just the latest disappointing, but justifiable announcement. When each day is filled with sports and they are suddenly and completely taken away, we are left with a void and a craving similar to that of an addict. Now please don’t think that I equate a comparison between a person struggling with some form of addiction with an inability to watch games, but the emotional level of disappointment can certainly be powerful for those of us who love it!

I am profoundly impacted by the level of disappointment which must be experienced by our senior collegiate athletes and Olympians. These young men and women represent hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work to get their minds and bodies to the point where they are at the pinnacle of their careers. I sit here selfishly thinking about my own disappointment for not being able to watch their games. I can’t even fathom what they must be going through! I certainly hope that the curve representing the spread of this virus subsides quickly so that our own high school senior athletes get to experience some of spring season and don’t need to deal with the similar disappointment of their collegiate counterparts.

Today is an overcast, yet pleasant 50 degree day in Canton. A typical good weather day at C.C.S. would be filled with our grounds crew diligently rolling our fields, filling holes, installing nets, uncovering the jumping pits, getting the hurdles out, lining fields for upcoming games and in general, getting our facilities ready for play. Although this is happening to some degree, it is surely not the buzz that we would typically experience this time of the year in the North Country. I am consistently being asked about the possibility of having sports this spring. My best answer is to prepare as if we are going to be back on April 20th. Although this timeline may change, at least a person will be somewhat ready if this virus ratchets down a bit and we do return.

I am inspired buy a number of posts I have seen which include many students exercising, sharing workouts, pitching to their dad, playing catch with a sibling, etc. This is awesome!! I am sure that it is not easy for our young athletes to find their own motivation each day to practice or train. I am also inspired by an ultra-endurance athlete and former Navy Seal named Chadd Wright. I recently listened to him during an interview and took from him a number of items. One of which is his mantra of his which he borrowed from Louis L’Amour. It states, “A Ship Doesn’t Sail on Yesterday’s Wind”. This cannot be more true of our athletes today. The idea of not living on our past achievements, constantly seeking self-improvement, believing in a process, always working hard for the next challenge is in and of itself, an inspiring message. Another meaning which I derive from quote given the Global Pandemic we all face is that although there is no wind currently blowing. We are all feeling as if we are sitting on an old sailing ship as it gently shifts from side to side…….waiting…..and waiting……..and waiting. The fact is, the wind will blow again…….sometime in the future. This virus will be behind us one day. Those who are ready with their sails, will be able to catch that wind and go! Will you be ready?

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