Canton Golden Bears are Now Streaming Games and Matches Held in the High School Gymnasium!

Following a recent fund drive by the Canton Booster Club to purchase two automated cameras the Canton Central Athletic Department is pleased to announce that all events held in the High School Gymnasium will be live-streamed and recorded to be played On Demand.  To watch an event such as a volleyball or wrestling match or basketball game involves the purchase of a network membership at a nominal cost of $10.99 per month.  When available, we will even be streaming modified events as well.

Membership allows an individual to not only watch any Canton Central event but ANY EVENT being streamed via the network.  Section X intends to stream most of the post season play-off contests and we intend to stream local events such as football and lacrosse games beginning this spring. Membership would include the ability to watch any or all of these contests.

It is important when looking for our school events that a person looks for Hugh C. Williams- Canton.  As you search, you’ll see that there are literally thousands of games being streamed nationwide and we are very excited to provide this opportunity to our community.  Coming soon, we will be providing live student color commentary in addition to the broadcast.  Should make for some exciting contests and a great experience for our students and student-athletes! 

Please see below for questions regarding how to get connected!!

How Do I Subscribe To The NFHS Network?

Looking to purchase a subscription? Good choice! Our subscriptions give you access to any live event on our site, as well as thousands of past events from around the United States. 

To subscribe to the NFHS Network, simply go to and select the All-Access Monthly Plan. You will need a valid email to create an account. 

If you need assistance with purchasing a pass or have any questions about your account, our agents would be happy to help you. Just send a request to our customer support team: Submit a Support Request

What Type Of Passes Does The NFHS Network Offer?

The NFHS Network offers an All-Access Monthly Pass for all your live high school sports needs. 

NFHS Network Monthly Pass ($10.99): Provides unlimited monthly access from the date of purchase. For your convenience, this pass will renew monthly until cancelled.*

Why Am I Being Asked To Pay For Games?

The NFHS Network School Broadcast Program, powered by PlayOn! Sports, brings member schools the capability to broadcast live coverage of their school’s events. PlayOn! Sports provides these member schools with the software and tools needed to stream sports, graduations, news shows, guest speakers, interviews and award ceremonies over the Internet.  These schools are able to generate revenue from sporting events by selling subscriptions to access the events online, just like purchasing a physical ticket at the gate. 

The subscription access also ensures that the NFHS Network is able to continue to bring you high quality broadcasts across a large variety of sports throughout the state and across all types of digital devices.

How Many Devices Can I Use To Stream Games At The Same Time?

Your All-Access Pass allows full access to site content for one (1) user. If your account is used on multiple devices at the same time you may encounter the following message:

Warning: Your account has now exceeded the number of allowed connections. Please click refresh to re-authorize.

You may have to sign out then sign back into your account to regain access if you have exceeded the number of connections.

If you wish to watch content simultaneously on multiple devices, you will need to create another account and purchase an All-Access Pass for that account as well. 

Can I Watch Past Games?

You can watch most any game or event from our archives that has been broadcast on the NFHS Network with an active subscription. *

*Some games may be blacked out for a period of time by the school or publisher.

Do You Broadcast Every Game?

Most regular season games are produced by one of the competing schools. They must also be part of the NFHS Network School Broadcast Program (SBP). While we provide the technology, platform, and support for them to broadcast their games, it is ultimately up to the schools to schedule and produce the games themselves. 

Image result for nfhs networkPost season and championship games are mostly produced by the NFHS Network or the respective state association, but SBP schools can also produce postseason games. While ideally we would love nothing more than to produce every postseason game across all athletics and classes, we are unable to do so. Many factors go into the decision of whether or not to produce a game, some in our hands and many not. We take into account available crew, previous television contracts, local and regional media rights, expected viewership, and many other factors. 


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