Canton wrestlers impressive on mat

Here is a recap of the Canton Bears wrestling team versus Malone and Gouverneur at a Section 10 dual meet tournament on Jan. 15.

Canton HS (CAHS) 51.0 Malone HS (MAHS) 33.0
99: Chase White (MAHS) over Noah Curry (CAHS) (Fall 5:21) 106: Nicholas Locy (CAHS) over   (MAHS) (For.) 113: Matt Haycook (CAHS) over Alex Recore (MAHS) (Fall 1:31) 120: David Zuhlsdorf (CAHS) over   (MAHS) (For.) 126: Brock Francis (CAHS) over   (MAHS) (For.) 132: Lucas Martin (MAHS) over Erich Zuhlsdorf (CAHS) (Fall 1:53) 138: Connor Ramsey (CAHS) over Logan Robideau (MAHS) (Fall 2:11) 145: Randy Clifford  (CAHS) over Izaiah Robideau (MAHS) (Fall 4:17) 152: Cayden Carter (MAHS) over Gage Dean (CAHS) (SV-1 6-4) 160: Alex Boyea (MAHS) over Keenan LeBoeuf-Davis (CAHS) (Fall 0:17) 170: Hunter Blauvelt (CAHS) over Hunter White (MAHS) (Dec 5-2) 182: Alfred  MacNeill (MAHS) over Kaleb Hamiliton (CAHS) (Fall 2:49) 195: Connor House (CAHS) over Barshier Robinson (MAHS) (Fall 0:43) 220: Cohl McIntosh (CAHS) over   (MAHS) (For.) 285: Brody Fountain (MAHS) over David Jewtraw (CAHS) (Fall 2:14)

Gouverneur HS (GSH) 59.0 Canton HS (CAHS) 21.0
106: Zoe Griffith (GSH) over Nicholas Locy (CAHS) (Fall 2:31) 113: Matt Haycook (CAHS) over   (GSH) (For.) 120: David Zuhlsdorf (CAHS) over Drew Gates (GSH) (Dec 10-4) 126: Trayton Tupper (GSH) over Brock Francis (CAHS) (Dec 2-1) 132: Chance Manson (GSH) over Erich Zuhlsdorf (CAHS) (Fall 0:56) 138: Vandavian Way (GSH) over Connor Ramsey (CAHS) (Fall 2:14) 145: Rick Nichols (GSH) over Randy Clifford  (CAHS) (Dec 12-8) 152: Carter Baer (GSH) over Gage Dean (CAHS) (Fall 0:51) 160: Mitchell Shippee (GSH) over Keenan LeBoeuf-Davis (CAHS) (Fall 0:48) 170: Cummings Joseph (GSH) over Hunter Blauvelt (CAHS) (TF 18-1 5:20) 182: Tyler Tupper (GSH) over Kaleb Hamiliton (CAHS) (Fall 1:08) 195: Jacob Shippee (GSH) over Connor House (CAHS) (Fall 4:18) 220: Cohl McIntosh (CAHS) over Gabe Wainwright (GSH) (Fall 4:27) 285: David Jewtraw (CAHS) over   (GSH) (For.) 99: Hunter Mashaw (GSH) over Noah Curry (CAHS) (Fall 0:37)

You can find more details regarding this dual using the following link.

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