The Canton Golden Bears Boys Varsity Hockey team suffered two losses this weekend to Whitesboro and Penfield. The Bears lost 4-0 to Whitesboro and 7-1 to Penfield. While the scores make Canton’s future look bleak, this is not the case. This article will outline the reasons to keep your eye on Canton hockey.

The Bears are a young team. The excellent help the Bears received from the class of ‘19 is no longer there. Major contributors on and off the ice have to be replaced. There are voids to be filled. The return of Rhett Palmer will benefit the bears. Daniel Mahoney is the leading point scorer for Canton after a goal this weekend against one of the top teams in the state. Look for Parker Hunt, Robert Reed, Aiden Hoose, Tanner Hazelton, and Bradley Frank to put up big numbers in the points categories. A solid four returning defensemen will also look to step up in more ways than one this year. Part of the reason for lack of wins is a lack of team identity, one that will be found down the road. 

The Bears have continually gotten better. Ask anyone who watched a game at the Potsdam tournament and they will tell you that the Bears are not a good team. However, if that same person were asked to watch a game at home this weekend, they would tell you that they have grown as a team. Physicality and experience have increased, and they have yielded promising results. The Bears were in the game against Penfield until the second period when defensive zone breakdowns led to goals. Experience will be key to winning more games down the road and will be a determining factor in the first league game for the Bears on Tuesday. 

Canton is willing to put in the effort. After a hard week of practice, Canton takes strides forward with each game. League play is the time when winning counts. After the game on Tuesday, no matter the result, it is back to work. Canton will look to improve on anything and everything they can. Effort being the main way to improve, Canton will give it their all to become a better hockey team.

Canton’s season is far from over. The Bears will grow as individuals and as a team and will be a competitor for the second year in a row.

The Bears head to Malone to take on the Huskies on Tuesday. Game time is 7 p.m.

Editor’s Note: This blog comes courtesy of Scotty Ahlfeld. Photo comes courtesy of Amy Hunt.

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