As not everyone knows, every team that won Canton a section title this fall, was a girls team. Not only that, but ALL of the girls teams won a section title this year. This includes, Swimming, Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball.

Majority of times, women are overlooked in society. Especially, in the athletic world and I do not want to see that happen here at Canton. Also, I want to continue to see the success of girl athletes at CCS for many years to come.

A message to the younger girls:

If you are not currently playing a sport, start! Do not feel intimidated to join because you’re worried about other people being better than you or what others might think. Just work hard, and always remember, you can contribute to a team in many different ways. If you are playing one right now, stick with it. If you’re playing with the boys, keep doing so because you can! It may sound cliche, but your hard work will pay off. This year, the girls have proven so. If you look at the photos below, their smiles (and maybe some happy tears) will inspire you. There is no greater feeling than success.

A message to the girls that won:

Congratulations, you deserve everything you have received. But, do not stop here! Keep winning titles, keep breaking barriers, keep inspiring others, and keep being the empowering GIRL you are.

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