Lady Bear Swimmers Leave Sectionals With a Victory

After their final seasonal victory against Gouverneur, Canton practiced rigorously in preparation for the Section 10 Swimming Championships on Sunday. On Nov. 3, Canton showed up confident and ready to compete. Throughout the day, the swimmers participated in the races they qualified in, and the swimmers who did not participate, showed great encouragement and team spirit on the pool deck. Ultimately, Canton secured first place in the section with a final score of 287. Swimmers Julia Domena, Bella Jaskowski, Emily Wentworth, Maya Thomas, and Grace O’Neill will move on to compete at the State Championships.

Canton won first in both the 200 Medley Relay and the 200 Freestyle Relay. Jaskowski, Domena, Thomas, and Wentworth secured the Medley Relay win with their time of 1:56.07. Later on in the meet, Jaskowski, Domena, Wentworth and O’Neill took first in the Freestyle Relay with a time of 1:47.25. Canton also had a relay team in the 400 Freestyle Relay taking yet another awesome finish. O’Neill and Thomas, accompanied by Olivia Logan and Brooke Larrabee took fourth in this relay with a time of 4:13.84.

Canton had four girls in the pool for the 200 Relay. O’Neill took first in this event with a time of 2:10.70, Larrabee took seventh with a time of 2:17.24, and Logan came in right behind her taking eighth with a time of 2:18.80. Dharma Crabtree also finished 12th in this race.

In the 200 IM, Jaskowski took fifth with a time of 2:29.96, Skylar Sanderson took ninth with a time of 2:41.79, Lexi Stuntz finished right after her with a time of 2:43.67, and Carmen Mussen contributed a 11th place finish as well.

Canton took another victory in the 50 Freestyle. Wentworth finished first with an outstanding time of 24.59. Mia Mousaw finished ninth in this event with her 29.02 and Emily Ames finished 17th.

In the 100 Butterfly, Domena took first with a time of 1:00.88. Behind her was Thomas who finished sixth with a final time of 1:13.47 and Mussen took eighth with her 1:13.47.

Three Canton swimmers participated in the 100 Freestyle. Wentworth took yet another first place win in this race with a time of 54.69. Larrabee took fifth with a time of 1:01.53 and Madison Mitchell took tenth with her 1:04.61.

O’Neill took third in the 500 Freestyle with her time of 5:54.29. Not long after swimmers Thomas, Logan, and Sanderson took sixth through eighth. Thomas took sixth with a 6:19.31. Logan finished seventh with a 6:19.58 and Sanderson took eighth with a 6:20.03.

Jaskowski brought home the victory in the 100 Backstroke with her time of 1:04.17. Emma Berg finished 11th in this race and Hailey Jordan took 16th.

Domena took her second individual victory in the 100 Breaststroke with a 1:12.07. Stuntz took ninth with a time of 1:24.59 and Mousaw finished right behind her with a 1:25.12. Ames also took 16th in this race.

Canton finished first in eight of the eleven races during sectionals, sending five swimmers to the state championships. Sectionals was overall a great success for the team, as was the Bears season. Although swimming is over for many of the members of the team, the Bears continue to root for the swimmers who will further compete and are excited for the seasons to come.


200 Medley Relay:  Jaskowski, Domena, Thomas, Wentworth, 1:56.07 (1st)

200 Freestyle:  G. O’Neill, 2:10.70 (1st);  B. Larrabee, 2:17.24 (7th); O. Logan, 2:18.80 (8th); D. Crabtree, 2:35.52 (12th) 

200 IM:  B. Jaskowski, 2:29.96(5th);  S. Sanderson, 2:41.79 (9th); A. Stuntz, 2:43.67 (10th); C. Mussen, 2:44.93 (11th)

50 Freestyle: E. Wentworth, 24.59 (1st); M. Mousaw, 29.02 (9th); E. Ames, 31.37 (17th)

100 Butterfly:  J. Domena, 1:00.88 (1st); M. Thomas, 1:13.47 (6th); C. Mussen, 1:16.52 (8th)

100 Freestyle:  E. Wentworth, 54.69 (1st); B. Larrabee, 1:01.53 (5th); M. Mitchell, 1:04.61 (10th)

500 Freestyle: G. O’Neill, 5:54.29 (3rd); M. Thomas, 6:19.31 (6th); O. Logan, 6:19.58 (7th); S. Sanderson, 6:20.03 (8th)

200 Freestyle Relay: Domena, Jaskowski, O’Neill, Wentworth, 1:47.25 (1st)

100 Backstroke: B. Jaskowski, 1:04.17 (1st); E. Berg, 1:18.35 (11th); S. Rodee, 1:20.67 (14th)

100 Breaststroke: J. Domena, 1:12.07 (1st); A. Stuntz, 1:24.59 (9th); M. Mousaw, 1:25.12 (10th); E. Ames, 1:31.31 (16th)

400 Freestyle Relay: Larrabee, Logan, Thomas, O’Neill, 4:13.84 (4th)

Final Scores:

Canton: 287
Malone: 254
St. Lawrence Central: 194
Gouverneur: 165
Massena: 116
Potsdam: 102
Ogdensburg: 95
Edwards-Knox: 33
Salmon River: 26

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