On Saturday morning, the Bears played the Blue Devils at Ogdensburg, eventually falling to the home team 3-2.

The Bears scored first with Colin Taylor scoring a free kick just outside the penalty box after an Ogdensburg foul. Ogdensburg then scored to end the first half at 1-1.

Andy Downs, who is recovering from an injury, played the second half for the Bears. Ogdensburg struck early and got a goal, but the Bears tied the game up. Andy Downs scored a penalty kick to make the game 2-2. The Bears couldn’t find another goal, but Ogdensburg scored the final goal with 26 minutes to play to finish the game off at 3-2.

Both keepers for the Bears played well and had a total of eight saves. The team is off to Madrid-Waddington to play a non-league game against the Yellow Jackets.

Editor’s Note: These photos come courtesy of Amy Hunt.

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