After the loss to Potsdam early in the season, the Bears looked to redeem themselves. Although they didn’t get a win, they did just that. They dominated Potsdam’s turf and had 18 shots on net. Dent from Canton only faced 5 shots. Once again, the Bears proved they are in the fight for a section title.

The Bears controlled the ball in the offensive end for the majority of the first half. Until late in the half, when Janoyan used her speed to get by and had a shot from outside of the 18, making the score 1-0. Also, almost every time Potsdam had the ball in the offensive end they attempted to draw a corner. This is where most their goals come from, and how they won the previous game against the Bears. However, Canton’s defense was relentless and didn’t let it happen. Although the goal looked bad on the scoreboard, it did not negatively affect Canton’s mindset and determination. 

The Bears went into the second half knowing if they worked together they could get the job done. Although not all the Bears touched the field, they all had an impact on the game. During every play, they lifted up the 11 players on the field. After numerous offensive attacks, Megan Laflair gave Potsdam a taste of their own medicine. She drew a corner which set up the play to tie it up. Etta Coburn gave a great ball to the front of the net, which Jenni Haycook headed in. Although the bears were never out of the game physically or mentally, Coburn’s corner allowed them to tie it up and put them back in the game score wise. 

Time ran out in the second half, calling for two 10-minute overtimes. The bears knew they were going to have to battle and they did just that. They were all “moving in the same direction” on Monday night. The game continued competitively but neither team was able to put one in. 

Throughout the game, the Lady Bears showed their grit and willingness to work together. At the beginning of the season, the Bears joked around about being a family. But, they really have become one. This bond is what allowed them to push through 100 minutes of play and not let up. It all began on the two-night camping trip in Thousands island at the start of the season and it’s what will carry them to their final goal. Individual pictures are not highlighted in this article, instead their bond is.

The Bears look to tighten the standings by beating Massena on this coming Wednesday. It will be another close matchup as they lost to Massena 2-1 early in the season. The game is at 4:30 p.m. at CCS. Hope to see you there!

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