JV Soccer Girls Falls to Gouverneur

Wednesday night, the girls’ JV Soccer team had its fourth game in Gouverneur, eventually losing 2-0. The Bears started off strong, then Gouverneur scored their first goal from a PK shot. The Bears held the Wildcats up for a long time, and played very strong.

Later in the second half Gouverneur scored its second goal, but the Bears didn’t put their heads down and played a very strong last 20 minutes of the game. The Bears had a couple great plays that led us up to their net. The Bears lost with strong effort, but this won’t keep them down and just makes them want to play harder.

Editor’s Note: This game recap comes courtesy of girls’ JV Soccer player Megan Martin. Below, hear a bit about the team from player Bryce Butterfield. Photos come courtesy of Renee Butterfield.

Our JV soccer team is a very close and smart group of girls, we all have a good bond and relationships even if we aren’t friends outside of school. We all welcome each other with love and support, we have captains who have a close bond with each of the girls and treat every girl the same with all respect. Every year on every Friday we pass a head band around, each girl picks another girl because they either work very hard in practice or they are just a really supportive girl to our team. This headband started a couple years ago with a girl who had cancer, she was very supportive to the team and that’s when the tradition started. We have started our season off a little rough but we won our first game 4-2.

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