After an hour and 40 minutes of play, neither team was able to pull out a victory. The final score between Canton and Gouverneur’s girls varsity soccer teams was 1-1.

Canton traveled to Gouverneur to face a physical battle. The Wildcats held their ground until the Bears ripped one to the back of the net, 25 minutes in. Jenni Haycook assisted the ball to Hannah Reed to begin the scoring. Throughout the first half, the Bears generated many scoring opportunities but couldn’t seem to get another one on the board. The game was competitively back and forth. Amelia Rodee was a top performer for the Lady Bears on Wednesday night. She trapped the ball well and had many switches that led to many scoring opportunities. The Bears finished the half with solid defense and kept the Wildcats off the board.

Both teams started the second half knowing it was going to be a fight to the final whistle. Gouverneur’s #24, Turnwald, scored five minutes into the second half to tie it up 1-1. After, Esther Shipman led the Bears’ defense to make sure the Wildcats didn’t put another one in. Also, Abbi Dent began to lead the team throughout the game, with good communication and showing lots of potential for the season. Although the game began to get chippy at the end of the second half, both teams put in a great effort. Time ticked away and the Bears couldn’t get one in.

The Bears showed a promising OT, with several chances to win. However, after 20 more minutes neither team could get a victory.  Although, not a win the Bears solidified to the section, that they are in the running for the title. 

The girls soccer team is facing SLC on Friday night on the road. They will play at 6:30 under the lights. Come and support!!

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