On Thursday night, the Boys JV Bears suffered their first loss of the season 6-0 to powerhouse Massena.

Massena assaulted the Bears’ defense in both halves, but the game winner was scored only a few minutes into the first half. Massena tacked on another 4 and kept Canton to their own zone. As the clock slowly ran out, it became increasingly apparent that there was no chance of coming back from the hole the Bears had dug themselves. Canton became cannon fodder for the Red Raider attackers. Another goal for Massena pushed the score to 6, where it stayed for the remainder of the game. Luke Wentworth made his debut today, after hurting his foot in the first days of practice.

The Bears will be back in action Friday against Carthage. Kickoff is at 5pm.

Editor’s Note: This post comes courtesy of JV player Scotty Ahlfeld. Photos come courtesy of Shelly Pike.

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