Varsity Boys Soccer Pulls Through and Beats Massena in OT

The Bears’ soccer team just beat Massena on Thursday night in a thrilling overtime battle.

Massena started off well and put 2 goals on the Bears to lead 2-0 going into the second half. Massena then scored again in the second half to put them up 3-0.

The Bears then went on a run and scored 3 straight goals, which sent the game into overtime. Nick Estabrooks scored two goals from crosses by Andy Downs. Andy Downs had a penalty kick after a handball in the box. The game proceeded into overtime with a score of 3-3. Andy Downs scored the game winning goal after the goalie for Massena fumbled the ball.

Thanks for the support from our student section and Girls Varsity team!

The Bears play next at Malone at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

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