Early Saturday morning the Canton Varsity Volleyball team headed for Saranac Central High School to participate in the Saranac Fall Classic, a high school volleyball tournament. The Bears went into the day with hopes of gaining some valuable experience while it is still early in the season.

Tournament play was Round Robin style, and each game consisted of two sets each being played to 15 points. Canton had the opportunity to play against seven opponents thought the day. Many of the other teams were strong competition from Section 7 and section 10.

After 14 sets of play, seven games, the Bears finished with a record of 10-4. this record was the winningest record amongst competition, earning Canton the tournament title.

The tournament win was a great way for the team to build confidence. Not only did the Bears face strong competition, but they also were able to be successful when trying new rotations and players. Canton hopes to continue being successful with their next matches.

Come see the Canton Varsity Volleyball team face off against the Shamrocks of Salmon River on Tuesday September 10 at 6 p.m. Go Bears!

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